First Rate Mortgages

Bank and Non Bank Product Providers

We will provide you with financial advice in relation to your Home Loan, Commercial Loan or Business Loan.

We are accredited through a recognised Aggregator, Kiwi Adviser Network, to provide financial advice on products from a wide range of lenders on their Panel including:

AIA Go Home Loans, ANZ, ASAP Finance, ASB, Avanti, Bank of China, Basecorp Finance, Bluestone, BNZ, Cressida Finance, First Mortgage Trust, Funding Partners, Heartland Bank, Liberty, Pepper Money, Plus Finance, Prospa, Resimac, SBS, Southern Cross, The Cooperative Bank, TSB, Unity and Westpac.

In some instances, we may feel that your finance proposal may be able to be priced better, with less conditions, or have greater appeal to another lender outside of their Panel, this may be due to nature of the property, loan size, income details or complexity. In this case after gathering information and undertaking some research we may approach an alternative lender that would better suit your needs.

To meet our selection criteria, they need to be Registered on the Financial Service Provider Register refer: This may then allow us to provide a loan offer that meets your requirements, that would otherwise have not been available from your Bank or another Financial Adviser.