First Rate Mortgages


Bad Credit, Business Struggling, Missed Payments, IRD Calling?

Is your bad credit score causing you problems with your home loan application? First Rate Mortgages understands that financial challenges such as late repayments, sickness or bereavement, overdue GST, redundancy or a business failure can result in a poor credit rating and have an impact on potential home buyers.  

Our team will help you on the journey towards buying a house, offering financial solutions and specialist advice on bad credit loans in NZ.  

We have also assisted many clients to pay their taxes and work with their accountant to negotiate settlements with the IRD.  Now, they are sleeping much better. 

At First Rate Mortgages, we understand life’s ups and downs. Our mortgage brokers provide expert advice regarding loan repayments and structure, improving your credit rating, and will assist you with your home loan application even with bad credit. We have a strong understanding of Non Bank, Second Tier and Private Investor loans and can provide solutions for a bad credit home loans, refinancing, consolidating debt, tax payments, preventing a mortgagee sale, or simply giving you make a fresh start. 

We want to help you with a home loan even if you have had some past credit hiccups.  We will work with you to provide high quality mortgage advice, be understanding and assist with Non Bank solutions for your home loan.