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Investment for Residential Rental Property & Commercial Property

Do you know why you should talk to us first before investing in property? The team at First Rate Mortgages have collectively worked in finance here in New Zealand for over 100 years and have a strong working knowledge of property investment. We offer flexible Bank and Non Bank solutions for investing in property, releasing equity, with advice on interest rates, mortgage consolidation and refinancing with competitive interest rates.

With Banks currently limited to 60% on existing rental investments, unless linking in equity from say your own home, we are pleased to now be able to offer  products with up to 80% lending through a Non Bank lenders. Interest rates are still favourable with a maximum lend of up to $3.0M across multiple properties.

Investing in property in New Zealand has become popular and to be successful you need to avoid the common mistakes investors make. Talk to the rental investment specialists for money management and debt advice and make smarter choices and decisions. We go above and beyond traditional Banks and mortgage advisers, to help you buy your first rental and look after your rental investments. 

There are also many benefits in having your home and rentals with different lenders.
A question you should always ask anyone helping you with rental property finance is:

“ if I sell a rental property, can I keep the cash equity or will the lender take it all and make me re apply for my own money back?”  

If they don’t know the answer, or tell you that you will have to re apply, you are probably dealing with the wrong person!

Call one of the team at First Rate today to find out more about our comprehensive range of professional property and rental investment services.