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Refinancing your mortgage from one lender to another can happen for various reasons. This could range from not getting along with your Bank Manager, poor service from your existing lender, personal circumstances, high interest rates or the bank said NO and declined your loan or top up. It is important not to lose hope, but instead seek financial advice to help refinance your mortgage, understand the costs involved, any break fees and seek the right mortgage advice for your personal and financial goals.  

Factors such as previous financial hardship, Covid reducing your income, personal issues, or even being on a contract or self-employed can impact on your ability to restructure, consolidate debts or top up an existing home loan. Often these are things that are considered when your fixed rate expires and you are looking for advice on interest rates or possibly refixing your mortgage with a new Bank. Your existing mortgage may also be with a lender with high interest rates and have no options for fixed rate mortgages or in some instances your Bank no longer has a Branch near you, so there is no one you can talk to personally unless you pick up the phone and deal with questions to identify yourself and then you have to try and explain what help you need. Our mortgage advisers will look at your personal circumstances and existing loan term, to evaluate if refinancing your mortgage will be a better option for you with better terms and in some cases a cash incentive from the Bank to cover your legal fees and put some money in your pocket.  

As trusted mortgage brokers and financial advisers, we have an in-depth knowledge of lending and, with a wide range of lenders across NZ we are able to provide you with more mortgage options that best fit your circumstances and the goal is always for you to save thousands of dollars by paying off your mortgage. Contact our experienced and friendly team at Frist Rate Mortgages for the best advice and interest rates available for refinancing your mortgage.